Saturday, February 16, 2013

We Heart Valentine's Day

For her first Valentine's Day I had these darling homemade Valentine cards worked up in my mind for Phoebe to make and send out to grandparents and little friends. Hand prints. Hearts. "Bee Mine." You know? Well. She wasn't AT ALL into crafting that day and certainly did not approve of her hand being dipped into yogurt paint. I had to take a deep breath and let it go. Mommy lessons, I suppose. 
We gave her a push walker for Valentine's Day and she was completely enamored with helping daddy put it together. Maybe she's more of a mechanic than a crafter? It took her no less than two minutes to figure out how to walk behind it, and she was off. It felt a little like giving her the keys to her first car. She is a quick learner, that Bee.
We took a little field trip to our favorite bakery to snatch some Valentine's treats for BD and Grandpa and visited them at the office. BD surprised me with my favorite take-out for dinner and a few sweet gifts.
Speaking of baking and treats. This pregnancy has yielded the most bizarre food craving: sugar cookies! Sometimes I honestly wake up thinking about sugar cookies. And to eat's possibly the most satisfying thing I've ever put in my mouth. So we baked some. Ate some. And loved every crumb.  


Two Wheeler said...

This post just made my day. I love that pic of her pushing her walker where her legs are blurry because that was seriously what it looked like, lol!

hels said...

That FACE!
I die.

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

she is the cutest !! i cant believe she is going to be walking soon! when did this happen??

Allison said...

"more of a mechanic than a crafter".... hahahah - I love it!