Sunday, January 12, 2014

Julian's Blueprint: 7 months

Mr. Juju has marked some big milestones during this past month. One being that he cut his first two teeth on the bottom back to back. Oh, it was painful for him, we could tell as it would keep him awake at night and where he needed to be held and comforted much of the day. Poor kid! To top it off we've had plenty of winter sickness, colds, coughs, and stuffy noses this season. It seems we've just passed around the same bugs one to one another and Julian has had his fair share. In between teething and being sick Julian has decided that eating solids foods is just not for him. He refuses pretty much anything delivered on a spoon. All we can do is be patient and let him work into eating at his own pace. But mom is grateful for his continued interest in breastfeeding, too.
Our favorite Juju move is the "bobble head" where he shakes his head back and forth JUST like a bobble head figurine. It's a crack up and a clear sign that he's in a playful mood. This kid loves to bounce. In his highchair, on your lap, even while nursing he's often bouncing in my arms. He loves his bouncy chair and most often it can buy mom a 10 minute break while putting big sister down for a nap. Julian spends much of his time on the floor doing push-ups and planking. He will push-up with all the gusto within him and hold his plank for as long as he can, then relax back down onto his belly and swim with his arms and kick with his feet until he regains his strength for the next round. He pumps his fists up and down with his arms straight out from his body, and dad says its like he's driving a motorcycle. Gosh, he is so much fun. 
Julian has started lunging in for big slobbery open mouth kisses. There is nothing better in this world! He has an infectious smile, the softest skin, and a gorgeous head of hair that makes the most adorable messy bedhead in the morning. He beams when somebody picks him up and will wrap his hands around your neck tightly (be careful... he will get your hair too). We are lucky to have this bright-eyed beautiful baby boy in our family. He completes us (for now :).

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