Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Lake Powell 2007

This past weekend we were lucky enough to join some friends down at Lake Powell for more water fun. The weather was gorgeous, hot and dry just like it should be, and the water was cool and refreshing. Lake Powell is so beautiful and we had a total blast with our friends. A big thanks to Jeff and Stacey for making it all happen. We owe you guys big time. We all played really hard out on the water, ate lots of yummy food, and stayed up late playing Signs, Mafia, and just talking and laughing. My body still aches from all the fun we had. Good times!

Gettin' some sun on the back of the boat...

Crazy JD cliff jumpingSix girls on the tube! So freakin' fun...Ka-Boom!!! Wipe out

There....he's a natural pro

Mmmmm...Grilled pineapple and bacon wrapped banana kabobs G - L - A - M - O - R - O - U - S

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Jessie said...

It looks like you all had way too much fun! I want to see a bigger picture of that awesome tube. That looks like SO much fun.