Thursday, June 28, 2007

Sunny: World's perfect dog

Well, one of the first posts on my blog was about my dog Sunny, so it's fitting that I put a remembrance post up about her also since she's passed away.

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Today when my little brother went to feed the dogs, he found Sunny in the back yard in kind of a low spot in the grass. He could see that she couldn't get up and was in obvious pain. When he tried to lift her out of the dip, she started trying to move but just seemed to thrash around. I was at work in Orem, so I went over to my dad's house to see what was up. When I saw her, I could see that there was something wrong. I first thought that her hip was broken because it has been giving her lots of problems lately anyway and she's had a hard time walking. When I tried to lift her, I could see that it didn't seem like her hip, but I didn't know what it was. We took her to the vet and he determined that she'd had a stroke. After he said that, everything clicked because her face looked droopy on one side and she couldn't move one side of her body. Strokes are hard to recover from for a human, and we just couldn't imagine Sunny living as a vegetable in my dad's back yard, so the decision was made to put her down. My dad came to the vet and me, Russ, Michelle, and my dad were there when they put her down. It was sad and those of you that have had a 14 year old pet die that you are very close to will understand. We all cried and we're still mourning the loss, she will be missed.

Here she is guarding the tent on a campout:
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Here she is guarding the camp spot:
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She definitely won't be a dog that can be replaced easily, she was perfect in every way and never caused any problems. She was friendly to all and just her being there has given the rest of us comfort many times over. She's a sweetheart. She was in so much pain near the end and her sight and hearing were going also, so it was for the better. We were lucky in a way that something major happened, like this stroke, because that made the decision to put her down easier. Sunny, we love you, you were such a big part of our lives growing up!


GinaRD said...

Oh....I'm going to my that beautiful golden sweetheart. She could change my mood instantly. It hurts to think about her.

Cole said...

Brad, that sucks she was such a fun dog to have around. I loved letting her in your house, at the big place, so she could hang out with usuntil your mom would kick her out. She is the kind of dog that you can only dream of getting when you get a new puppy. You cant replace a dog like Sunny...

The Lloyd's said...

So sorry Brad & Gina. Dogs are the greatest pets in the world.

Wildings said...

That's so sad about Sunny, she was the sweetest dog! It sounds like it was for the better, but that still doesn't make it any easier, so sorry!

jarv said...

That is so sad putting your dog to sleep. I had to put my dog bobby to sleep after 15 great years of having him around and it was really hard for me. I'm so sorry. On a lighter note, where were you guys camping? That looks so pretty, I would love to go there.
Em Jarv