Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas Day

A perfectly timed Christmas Eve snow storm convinced us that we should avoid the icy roads and stay the night at BD's house like we usually do. I love it when we wake up to a beautiful white blanket of glistening snow on Christmas morning. It seems to be the icing on the Christmas cake and this years flocking did not disappoint. Dan and Alli had put together a treasure hunt for Dad to follow first thing in the morning. The clues sent him around the house, garage, and yard finding gifts and love notes all along the way. It was really cute! We opened presents together, feasted on creme brulee french toast, watched a movie snuggled on the couch, and even talked with the very missed and very loved Elder Duncan all the way in Australia who gave us the best gift of all; a beautiful Christmas message. I absolutely adore this picture of BD's dad because it captures his wonderful smile and happy-go-lucky personality. He is hands-down and uncontested the best dad in the world and we are so lucky to have him in our lives. Our favorite gift this year was a personal heart felt letter from him. He is this family's rock.

Christmas evening we gathered with my family again to exchange presents with my mom and siblings. I guess you know each other well enough when you give one another the same gift twice over. What are the odds? But I wouldn't have it any other way.My mom is the best person to give presents to because 1) she oh's and ah's over the wrapping until we yell at her to finally open it, and 2) she loves everything you give her no matter what it is. This year I gave her a book reminiscing our 2007 sailing trip to get us all excited about our 2009 sailing trip. Worked like a charm. My mom also made these adorable aprons for all her grand-daughters. Sometimes I wish I was a grand-daughter. When we finally left for the night the snow was falling once again but this time we braved the storm only to find road closures and an un-plowed freeway. Where is Santa's sleigh when you really need it? Getting home was an adventure to say the least. Every year I grow older I'm increasingly pleased at how Christmas becomes more about how and with whom we celebrate than about anything else at all. We are so thankful for loving family to hug and kiss and get warm fuzzies with.


K and/or K said...

Your Christmas looked so cozy an fun! I happy for you that you have such a wonderful family to celebrate with!

Lacy said...

Scary snow storm!! My favorite thing....Brad climbing on the roof!

Kami said...

Looks so cozy and fun! Brulee'd French Toast?! You must share! :)

Marriott + Ali said...

It's fun to see Dan & Ali in the family! I still forget he's a married man & that you have another sister-in-law there with you!
I also love that pic of Lee... he is as good as they come!
And your nieces....um...I can't believe how old they all are! Very cute girls!

sly fox said...

I find that I enjoy Christmas more and more each year and value that time with family and friends. Luckily we missed the snow storms this year; we were in St. George.