Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Love List 5.20.09

I love the month of May. I love it when BD grills buffalo burgers for Sunday dinner. I love getting my hair cut and colored, it makes me feel like a new woman with a new purpose. I love having my bff snip my hair in her kitchen, even when she's exhausted. I love spring. I love having a bowl of fruit and yogurt on my balcony on a peaceful morning. I love the green of spring. I really love new shoes. Especially when mailed right to me and {voilĂ } fit perfectly. I love spending a late late night with a bestie from out of town. I love her dearly. I miss her more and more. I love coming home late to find a sweet treat and heartfelt note on my door from a lovely friend/neighbor. And I loved eating it, too. I love adult acne. Just kidding. I love it when BD folds laundry, while I nap. I love little surprises like that, even if I don't notice right away. I secretly love getting caught kissin' in the elevator, even though it's hugely embarrassing. I love white teeth, but I do not love the bleaching of. I love it when I remember things that I usually forget; I love thanking God in those moments. I love seeing people heal, and move forward a better person. I love it when the underdog wins. I love it when things work out. I love Dijon mustard. And chocolate milk. But not necessarily together. I love g-chatting with BD. We keep tabs on each others work day and sometimes that alone ensues the most hilarious conversations. I love you in French, which is the best I love you, by far.

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Two Wheeler said...

Well said, G, well said.

Marriott + Ali said...

Oh, I loved this. I miss ya and let's talk again soon!! love you!

C*K*J said...

And I LOVED this post! How lovely to remember all the simple things that make everything else seem okay!
You are one of the best G! Love ya!

Natlee Lloyd said...

I love you Gina and its been way too long!

Mindi said...

LOVE that poster.

STILL love your blog.