Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-up

BD and I had a very low-key, yet action packed Memorial Day weekend. It was so very nice. The long weekend involved our favorite take-out and a red box {or three}, a sweet baby girl's one-year birthday bash, the all-time best nap, getting my best time up Little Mountain on my bike, and roasting marshmallows with friends up the canyon. Our little canyon bbq was somewhat crashed by a schizophrenic {no, seriously} homeless man. We thought if we fed him he would merrily be on his way, but alas he stuck with us all night until we were rained out. He even offered the blessing over the food, and nailed it actually. BD raced in the Sugar House Crit on Saturday and then we were both treated to lunch and gelato with his Dad.On Sunday we met my family {the diligent ones at least} in the Heber Valley to visit the family graves in Heber, Midway, and Center Creek. This is a tradition that my family has been doing ever since the dawn of time, or somewhere around there. I remember charting the graves with my sweet Grandma, now we go to put flowers down for her. My mom recites the great family stories from our strong pioneer heritage as she traces the lines back. She gets choked up when she recalls stories about her dad romancing her mom or memories riding in a horse drawn sleigh while visiting her grandparents in the winter. I've always loved my great-great-grandfather George Muir's epitaph, which reads:

"Upright and just he was in all his ways, a bright example in degenerate days."
Wow, if my great-great family thought that 1831-1908 was degenerate times...I can't imagine what they think of the world today. It must be shocking. I'm a sucker for family folklore and next year I hope to video my mom telling stories. I think it's important that we never forget where we came from and I'm so grateful to have had a day off work in order to do so.


Two Wheeler said...

What a great weekend!

wjcr said...

Fun G, thanks for sharing!

Shauna said...

I'm glad you were there to pay tribute to our ancestors. I know my Dad would have loved to be the one telling the stories too. Glad you had a great weekend!