Saturday, December 18, 2010

Am I dreaming? Yes, somewhere over Texas

BD here, I'll be commandeering Gina's blog a bit for the next two weeks. To say I'm excited wouldn't even scratch the surface of what I'm feeling right now. The adventure starts as we begin the painfully long trip with 4 flight legs over 36 hours. But who can complain about free airfare? Thank you Gina's work skymiles. For 8 years I've been wanting to take Gina back to Brazil to meet the people I love, now's our chance.

Here we are inside the lovely Boeing 757 leaving SLC. My monkey arms come in handy for the hand-held self portraits, which we'll be taking a lot of over the next two weeks.
Me and Wifen
And, this next one is a first... watching the little guy in the fully-enclosed, winterized cherry-picker (or "uppy-down thing" as Gina calls it) de-icing the plane before we take off. As you can already tell, it's a long flight to Atlanta. Thanks to the Delta-Google partnership for the free in-flight wi-fi (or, if you prefer, wee-fee).
Uppy-down thing


C*K*J said...

Can't WAIT for all the updates!!! Safe travels!!!

wjcr said...

WOOT!!!! !!!

brookee said...

I prefer wee fee!

marce said...

wee fee? But of course!