Friday, December 10, 2010

My Hero of the Year

Image via SLC Trib
Elizabeth Smart is my Hero of the Year. Like most people around here, I've been following the trial closely. While reading about the horrible things that happened during her captivity I've literally had to close my computer and walk away because I just couldn't read anymore. I remember her kidnapping very clearly. I remember praying and fasting for her safe return. I remember talking endlessly with friends and family about all the mysterious details surrounding her disappearance. I also remember being shocked to my core when she was found 9 months later. Of course I don't know her personally, but I believe her to be an amazing woman who will continue to lead and inspire others for the rest of her life. She is truly an inspiration to me. I think all of us feel the victory right along with her. Today's verdict has been a long time coming for Elizabeth, her family, and this whole community. I keep welling up with tears. I am so happy for her.

I'd love to know, who is your Hero of the Year? If you post about it, send me a link!


Elizabeth Madsen said...

Have I told you lately how much I love your blog? :) Elizabeth Smart is a remarkable girl. You got me thinking about my heroes this year, and there are so many. But the first one that popped into my mind is Ben Jacobsen, a guy I knew in high school who recently passed away from Melanoma. If you read his last blog post, I think you'll begin to understand why:

gina bina said...

Deedee, I read it! I cried! What a man! Thanks for sharing that with me.