Thursday, January 20, 2011

A note from management about stealing content from this site

Hi. This is a bit out of my normal sphere of topics, but I'm miffed, and so it must be said. This blog is public. I am fully aware of the risks associated with having a public blog. Yesterday one of them caught me off guard. Sort of like when the hot water suddenly disappears and you're left standing in a cold shower with a head full of shampoo and only one shaved leg going, now what? You know that what you're about to do will be unpleasant, so you'll do it fast and get it over with quickly so you can go about your day. There are people looking in on us that I don't know, people from far off places around the world, but mostly people connected to people connected to people I know. I'm OK with that. I welcome you with fuzzy slippers and hot cocoa with mallows. I hope you're cozy. I generally write about things on this blog that I would tell BD's aunt (hi Helen!) or the nice women sitting next to me at the Dr.'s office (Sharon, was it?). Anyway, sometimes, or perhaps someday, I may write about the harder stuff when I'm ready. Which leads me to...

This blog is private. Meaning that the content published on this site is mine. And because this blog contains original work by me, the creator, it is subject to a set of exclusive laws called Copyright. It also means that no one but me can copy, distribute, or adapt any content posted here without my express written consent. Let me be specific: if I have never lived with you, smoked anything organic with you, or jumped naked off a house boat with you, you do not have permission to copy my work. That narrows it down quite a bit. I never inhaled. As blogging etiquette dictates, anyone can to link to this site, as long as proper attribution is given. {end rant}

{begin rant} Here's the thing. I love to write, and this is where I write. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not, but it's my writing so I'll own up to all of it. I harbor insecurities, just like anyone else, but by and large I retain a certain amount of pride for the way I record my history. Because that's what this has become to me, my personal folklore. And that's just it: this blog is personal. Everything I write on here is personal, to me.

I cannot believe I'm not done yet, but there's more. If you have used pictures or words from the original content of this site please take it down and replace it with something that you created, from your heart. Even if you've tweaked it ever so slightly to make it feel a little more you. It's still me. Slathered all over your stuff. No need to comment here people, just please, take it down.

Or else.