Friday, January 21, 2011

Somebody tase that momma-bear

The Protector via
In case there was ever any question, let the record show that my momma-bear instincts are intact. Hooey. It's comforting to know that they won't expire if I don't use them, but it's also evident that they can creep up in unexpected places. Like this blog. BD was so astonished (yet supportive) at my little outburst yesterday that he threatened to use a Wildlife Taser on me to help calm the momma-bear situation. I didn't even know there was such a thing as a wildlife taser. But there is. And BD wants needs one. Thank you for all the off-line support. I hit a nerve out there in blog-land, and I think by and large people just want to feel respected. I've made my peace and now I'll shut up about it.
Also. There's a slight possibility I may have overreacted. Key word: slight. In coming up with excuses, here's what I have so far:
  • I was released from my church calling on Sunday and emotionally speaking it's been a little hit or miss this week
  • I must have more hormones pumping through me than a dairy cow
  • I burned the roof of my mouth on a piece of hot pizza, it hurts real bad, and somebody has to pay
  • My car battery died and left me stranded with BD 40 miles away. For me, this is real trauma
  • BD and I had a planning and budgeting session for our 2011 financial goals. Need I say more?
  • Side bar: I'm addicted to bullet listing right now
Lucky for me, it's Friday! I have all weekend to pull myself out of victim mode. We've received a very special dinner invitation to a friend's house tonight. There is nothing better than having someone offer to cook for you. Twice in one week! Total score. Tomorrow I get my hair cut. Funny how something so simple can completely transform you. Also squeezing in lunch with my BFF before she has her first tiny precious baby girl that I already love and adore, plus dinner with family to finally bear gifts from Brazil. Can't hardly wait!

P.S. Feeling especially grateful for good friends. Late last night I laughed so hard I think I broke an ab.


Elizabeth Madsen said...

Easy there, mamma bear! :) I look forward to hearing the story of what caused your righteous indignation. Fully justified, I'm sure...emotions and hormones aside. :) I've missed you and the other girls, and been extra sad that I've been mourning YW all by my lonesome. :( Hope to see you Sunday. X

Mindi said...

i think a keane concert is in order. STAT!

i just love you gina--you are a one in a million!

The Ashtons said...

It was fun to see you and Brad on Saturday. You two are pretty much the cutest couple out there!

Marriott + Ali said...

loved having lunch & chatting it up with you! Hope you are doing good!
And by the way...your blog header is ridiculously cute!!

Ben said...

MAMA bear instincts are GOOD. It lets us know we are humans or (animals)just the same. The fact that you want credit for your creative work is 100% fully justified. When people try to take your work and make it their own, see it as a compliment. Unfortunately people can't find it within themselves to express intuitive introspection of ones creative side. I've had the same type of things happen to me. What helps me is to find motivation in any circumstance to improve my individualism so that it may become impossible to copy. Whether it's music, literature, aspirations, love. All give an opportunity to show you as a whole. None of these forms of "art" can be perfect, none can be imperfect. None can be replicated.
I don't know what people are taking from your blog. But I do know you do have some exquisite photos, illustrations and literature on here. And i'm sure there is more to come.
Don't get too down on yourself. Just keep creating for the good of your soul.
Sorry for the LONG comment. :)
hope it doesn't happen again!

Alex said...

I like the maMma bear style. My only complaint is that you need to write much much more. You've got mad skills. Speaking of I'm just going to lift a few of your lines for my blog k? Ha ha j/k

Miss you guys!