Saturday, January 08, 2011


We've been home for a week now and it's unbelievable how life manages to fill any extra time that I might otherwise have. I'm determined to finish blogging about the rest of our trip to help me remember the amazing things we saw and did. We wanted to be at the top of Sugarloaf mountain around sunset time but part of the view was impeded by low-lying clouds which shrouded the Christ the Redeemer statue most of this particular afternoon. Even still, Sugarloaf offers the most complete view of all of Rio's eclectic mix of neighborhoods, skyscrapers, favelas, beaches, etc. With only a few makeovers, the "bondinho" has been taking tourists to the top of Sugarloaf mountain since 1912. Ninety-eight years later, here we are. Sugarloaf is certainly a Rio must-see.
At the bottom
O Bondinho
Looking towards the centro - we may look goofy, but the views are unbelievable
Copacabana in the distance
When we were leaving, unbeknownst to each other, Gina and I simultaneously hailed two different taxis. In retrospect, we learned that wasn't such a good idea. The two taxi drivers got out of their cars and started yelling and cussing at each other fighting over which one would give us a ride. One of the taxi drivers finally gave up and the other proceeded to tell us that he wanted R$40 for a R$15 taxi ride. We walked away and got another taxi down the street for a total of R$14.80. I gave him R$20 just because he was honest.


-m- said...

wow....your trip looks insane!! i'm so jealous!

Marriott + Ali said...

a-mazing! I just got finished going through the rest of your trip, and it looks like you guys had a great time. Your pictures are incredible too!