Saturday, June 18, 2011

San Diego & BD's New/Old Benz

BD has been on the hunt for a cheap commuter car that can get him to work and back a few times per week. You know, for those days when cycling 45 miles to the office just isn't convenient. I knew he had found the one when I received a g-chat that simply read:
"we need to talk"
 {long pause}
 "it's about a car"
A few days later we were in San Diago and ready to drive it home! And well, since it was in San Diego, CA and not Nowheresville, USA I tagged along for some weekend adventure. Meet Bruce.

1984 Mercedez-Benz 190d ("d" stands for diesel and for duh! that is all BD will drive)
You see that? That is the face of a happy boy with a new toy. That is also the face of an embarrassed man whose wife is standing smack in the middle of a busy road taking a picture of him leaning against an old car. Wait, would I get more blog-cred if I used the word "vintage" instead? Bruce is nearly as vintage as we are and surprisingly needs minimal work, but has enough small projects to keep BD thoroughly occupied and happily tinkering.
Once the car was officially ours it became clear after just a few hours that this vehicle was, for sure, a male. You just know. We threw around some names, but Bruce has ultimately stuck. (runner up: Run-DMC). Why Bruce? Let me break it down:
  • Bruce is a classy name; fit only for classy guys (my Uncle Bruce!) or in this case, a classy car.
  • Bruce was kindofabigdeal in 1984! Not unlike a certain Bruce Springsteen.
  • If Bruce could he would be sporting a knit square-end tie and wayfarers (both items I believe BD should incorporate into his wardrobe asap) to coordinate with those tan pleather seats.
  • Bruce's personality is clearly laid-back and practical, which is easy to be when your automatic sunroof still works and you squeeze an impressive 40 mpg. Nicely done Bruce, nicely done.
6.11.11 Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA

The name fits, doesn't it? We spent our weekend in San Diego getting to know Bruce and sourcing out the best fish tacos. When in Rome, right? We also went running along the Sunset Cliffs, watched a paddle-surfing competition, devoured banana bread french toast, played a bit of tennis, and utilized all the free stuff our hotel could offer. The trip home was interesting without A/C. I assure you that chocolate milkshake from In-n-Out was for my survival only. Nothing like a drive through the desert with the windows down to remind you of just how high-maintenance you really are.


Lacy said...

I was laughing at the very beginning when you said meet Bruce. But lets get down to the really really important stuff. You look absolutely gorgeous in that pic. Like can I blow it up and put it on my mantle gorgeous.

gina bina said...

Oh Lacy, how sweet are you?! Thanks for making my day! XOXO.

Two Wheeler said...

"San Diego! Mmmm, drink it in, always goes down smooth..."

C*K*J said...

What Lacy said.... stunning!! xox

-m- said...

BRUCE!!! i love him. and i agree, you look gorgeous in that pic!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Hey gorgeous--i want to hear more about those fish tacos...

Natlee Lloyd said...

Ello I'm Bruce! love it. didn't the duncans have a blue one back in the day?

Two Wheeler said...

Yep, Lee's blue Benz, an '87 300E that used to do some pretty good fishtailing in the rain :-)

wjcr said...

G - you are just so dang cute (courtesy of 6.11.11 Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA).