Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Refreshing: Janelle Monáe

This is a brief pause from our regularly scheduled programming. As a rule, I don't use this site for pimping out anyone (besides me! duh) or any thing but now and again something comes along that requires it some pimping. Like her.

I'm totally loving on Janelle Monáe. Her sound is smart and the content is original; it's about something. Her style is all her own. And the girl can mooooove. This video is my favorite. Please watch it; 5 million other people have. I tried some of those moves this afternoon. in my office. with the door closed. but with my chunky Frye heels on the tightrope didn't work out so smooth. Yeah, we all know it wasn't just the shoes, was worth a shot. I'll stick to shuffling paper around my desk for now.

I'm typically a day late keeping up with the what-y-whats and who-de-whos (cue Jen!) in the world of HIP* and I know she's been around. You might remember her (or the hair) from the Grammy's. But she's new to me! And if she's new to you too, dive in my friend. By that I mean download.

*It's probably totally un-hip to even use the word hip. Like, if you're HIP you wouldn't demean the image by saying it because to be effectively un-hip is really to be decidedly hip? It's so confusing to be cool! If anyone knows, fill me in.


-m- said...

hahahh i love you and you both are hip.

Lisa P. said...

So, I just tried to be hip and do the tight rope and tripped on my own feet. I guess I am not hip, but she is and has a great style. Thanks for sharing:)

C*K*J said...

Oh friend... you are FAR hipper than I.
Missed you this morning! xo

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I love her! She has the unique sense of self and personal style that I secretly covet. (Not that you could tell by the haircut I've had for over 20 years or the mommy sweats I wear most of the time.)