Monday, June 06, 2011

Sweet Exchange

This morning a friend and fellow orchid lover sent me a picture with simple text: thinking of you. Three words embedded with a thousand more considering the bittersweet history of our connection. We've exchanged love stories of our potted plants before, how they brighten our soul and so forth. I replied with a picture. We do this every bloom. It was such a sweet gesture and took the sting out of Monday.

J's Orchid

G's Orchid

Yes, totally obsessing with Instagram at the moment. Really fun. Really addicting. Really. Really. Really.


Ginny M. Green said...

Gina, you are precious like this orchid!!! My heart is wishing you the very best in life...HF is, too. I love You. MOM

case lemn said...

Great pictures and wonderful flowers, i have at my home 3 orchids. 2 pink and one white, great plants...