Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Sister's Wedding / Catching up

Sometimes I blog. And sometimes I don't. But I always catch up! I'm releasing some drafts that have been sitting idle for weeks now, waiting for final touches that they'll never get. At least it's something. Don't worry BD will edit them for grammar and spelling later. This summer has been b-u-s-y and with all the wedding excitement happening in my family BD has been hogging the computer for editing photos and such.

The Mr. & Mrs.
My biggest (yet littlest) sister Jody was married on August 11th to a handsome Mark Covington. We are so happy for her, for them, and for our family to grow in this way. Jodz was stunning and gorgeous, like a Spanish Senorita with her dark hair curled around her face and that fancy ruffly dress. Congratulations Jody and Mark! All the best, and stuff.

Mom and Mr. Ed were still on their summer hiatus somewhere on the East Coast, so Ed's daughter (bless her) was assigned to walk around with an iPhone so they wouldn't miss one single second of the action. Also, it was about 450 degrees inside the "shed" where we were prepping food. Because of the heat I have totally forgiven my brother-in-law for fake killing me with his fake knife.
There are so many more pictures to post from the wedding, but this will have to do! BD has yet to edit most of them. I kind of panicked right before the wedding started. Jody, Marci, and Brook had all been there prepping during they day, while I was home doing the wedding cake. When I finally showed up with the cake, they all left to go home and ready themselves. Then people started showing up asking to help and where does this go? and whatnot. I'm the youngest! I'm not supposed to be in charge, I'm supposed to show up and take orders from my sisters: that's my job. Also, I have the uncanny ability to turn every situation into drama, and I'm talking comedy and tragedy all at once. I just love my sisters, Muah! to each of you.
Marce, Jodz, G, Cookie


Alex said...

Wow. You made that cake? I am impressed. I love that picture of you with your sisters.

Shauna said...

oh congrats Jody! Love the last picture of all the sista's together. Wish we could've been there...you all look smokin hot and I LOVE her wedding dress.