Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Millcreek Canyon 'Mallow Roast Extravaganza

Nothing says summertime like a weenie roast up the canyon. Nothing says summer tradition like a roasted chocolate banana boat. Nothing says summer nights like roasted marshmallows, or 5. Nothing says summer fun like an evening outdoors with friends. Which is why nothing less than the word EXTRAVAGANZA would do. I promise, there were actual people there who claim us as actual friends (and even two brand new squishy sleepy-drunk-off-milk babies), not that I took any pictures for proof because the real stars, and frankly the whole point of the night, was the simple food cooked over a simple fire. It was one of those nights I won't soon forget. The people. The kids. The babies. The dog. The laughs. The love. Summerness at its very very best.


Q: how many grown-up boy scouts does it take to start a fire?
A: like 5.


C*K*J said...

by far the best fhe we've had in a good long time.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

We loved it! New end of summer tradition? :)

jane said...

Can I just put links on my blog to yours and call it good? I love your posts, they are beautiful and well articulated and I am too tired to blog. :) ha ha