Friday, October 14, 2011

A big one: BD's 30!

Someone had a birthday this past weekend. We started the day with toasted pumpkin bagels smeared with whipped pumpkin cream cheese, because it seemed very very necessary for a fall birthday breakfast. Is it just me or do some men become more attractive as they age? Seems unfair. Then again, I don't have to change the oil. So. We finished the day with a beautiful dinner at Sundance accompanied by BD's family-we were late-but it was his birthday after all so no one seemed too upset. Whew! I was almost able to surprise him. But, no. He's more observant of my quirky behavior than I could ever give him credit for. As we were driving to dinner and I uncharacteristically wasn't having an ever-loving meltdown about the possibility of being late to a scheduled event and did not even attempt to call the restaurant and rearrange our romantic dinner reservation for two: he was totally on to me. It was also the twins birthday this week so we celebrated everyone together with rounds of apple pie and peach cobbler. Perfect company, perfectly fall.

On the way home I asked him what he wanted to do with his next thirty years.  
Raise a family with you, of course!
And so I say, he's a good man this birthday boy. One of the best, I think.
I've been working on another picture book filled with our traditional one handed self-portrait snapshots. It arrived just in time to justify it as pre-birthday gift. I must say, through all the ups and downs that were our twenties, we have had some fun, he and I.
 Happy Birthday BD!!


Lacy said...

I still vote you two the cutest couple ever!

Ginny Green said...

Happy Birthday to one of the nicest persons in the world (I've got one, too, now). Bradlee Duncan was especially chosen in heaven for my daughter to make a grand couple, valiant in all ways. Love you, MOM

hels said...

#1 happy birthday BD!
#2 - love that book of the self portraits! tay and I do those too and I might have to snatch up this little idea.
#3 - I just love reading your posts, I gotta say. I just feel happy when I see them.

Two Wheeler said...

Thanks G for a wonderful birthday, you're the best. Thanks for making my first 30 years all that I ever imagined!

C*K*J said...

this post made me cry. i love you guys!

Marriott + Ali said...

welcome to the 30's club BD. it's rough! :)
I wanna see that cute book. how fun is that!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Wow, 30! Happy Birthday Brad. (You guys are such babies!) :)