Saturday, October 15, 2011

Visitors from Germany

For a few weeks during the end of September and first of October we had the privilege of hosting Julia and Michaela Habermann from Munich Germany. The family friendship and connection goes back to when their dad and BD's dad served as missionary companions in the Swiss/Germany mission way back when. We have all been to Germany to visit them, and likewise they have come to visit the Duncans here in Utah. This was Michaela's first time to the States and upon landing in Salt Lake she wanted to go straight to Temple Square before eating, sleeping, or anything else. BD was an especially good tour guide and in one day they visited 6 temples. We took them to do Baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple and it was a particularly sweet experience. They saw all the sights around Utah and even went shooting with BD's brothers, took a road trip to Las Vegas and The Grand Canyon, bought  sweatshirts from the BYU bookstore, and even ate my food :).

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