Monday, October 17, 2011

A Weekend with Ellie

We had the pleasure of having our sweet niece Ellie stay with us last weekend and we learned a few things. First, two-year olds are smart. Waaaaaaaay smart. Smarter than us to be certain. She was constantly wowing us with her brilliance. Second, two-year olds are sweet. We each received an over abundance of hugs and sweet slobbery kisses all weekend. We loved it :). On Saturday the three of us hit up the zoo. Stroller, diaper bag, sippy cup, check. We did our best to look like competent caregivers the entire time. It was possibly 100% more fun for us than for her. We anxiously awaited her reaction to everything we did and saw. The BEBE ELFANT was a big hit! So were the monkeys, giraffes, sheeps, and the whoot whoot train. We loved having a little sidekick with us for a few days, it made life a little more colorful and a lot more lovable.


Two Wheeler said...

Sure was a good time!

Michelle+Ellie said...

Oohh these pics are so cute! Maybe its just the way you did her cute hair, but she looks so old in these pics! Sniff sniff. Thanks again for watching her! Ellie loves her auntie and uncle

Elizabeth Madsen said...

That little Ellie is adorable! :)