Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Millcreek Canyon 'Mallow Roast Extravaganza

Nothing says summertime like a weenie roast up the canyon. Nothing says summer tradition like a roasted chocolate banana boat. Nothing says summer nights like roasted marshmallows, or 5. Nothing says summer fun like an evening outdoors with friends. Which is why nothing less than the word EXTRAVAGANZA would do. I promise, there were actual people there who claim us as actual friends (and even two brand new squishy sleepy-drunk-off-milk babies), not that I took any pictures for proof because the real stars, and frankly the whole point of the night, was the simple food cooked over a simple fire. It was one of those nights I won't soon forget. The people. The kids. The babies. The dog. The laughs. The love. Summerness at its very very best.


Q: how many grown-up boy scouts does it take to start a fire?
A: like 5.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Reason #1001 that I love my neighborhood

Wanna know what's fun? A back-to-school street party where the little kids can color on the pavement, the bigger kids take full-reign of the street on scooters, the adults stand around and do whatever adults do, and everyone gets ice cream cones!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tour of Utah, America's Toughest Stage Race

I couldn't attempt to document the rest of our summer without plugging the Tour of Utah. BD gets so. very. excited. for this race each summer, and this year was the most excited I've ever seen him. Few things in life get him this pumped. He talked non-stop about "the Tour" for weeks leading up to the race, and well, the cycling chatter didn't exactly slow down during the race itself. There were some big names in the field this year, many of these guys had just been at the Tour de France. Fun to see a small race grow in our backyard. We saw as much as we could live, and BD was glued to his phone or computer otherwise. Admittedly, I did a lot of eye-rolling during the event but truthfully I love that he is so passionate for this sport. The final stage was my favorite, with a big mountain loop and hill climb finish to Snowbird. There were hundreds of screaming crazy cycling fans at Tanner Flats up Little Cottonwood Canyon cheering on the riders as they passed. Go Levi!

Let's pretend my face isn't that chubby normally, mmmkay?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Big Sister's Wedding / Catching up

Sometimes I blog. And sometimes I don't. But I always catch up! I'm releasing some drafts that have been sitting idle for weeks now, waiting for final touches that they'll never get. At least it's something. Don't worry BD will edit them for grammar and spelling later. This summer has been b-u-s-y and with all the wedding excitement happening in my family BD has been hogging the computer for editing photos and such.

The Mr. & Mrs.
My biggest (yet littlest) sister Jody was married on August 11th to a handsome Mark Covington. We are so happy for her, for them, and for our family to grow in this way. Jodz was stunning and gorgeous, like a Spanish Senorita with her dark hair curled around her face and that fancy ruffly dress. Congratulations Jody and Mark! All the best, and stuff.

Mom and Mr. Ed were still on their summer hiatus somewhere on the East Coast, so Ed's daughter (bless her) was assigned to walk around with an iPhone so they wouldn't miss one single second of the action. Also, it was about 450 degrees inside the "shed" where we were prepping food. Because of the heat I have totally forgiven my brother-in-law for fake killing me with his fake knife.
There are so many more pictures to post from the wedding, but this will have to do! BD has yet to edit most of them. I kind of panicked right before the wedding started. Jody, Marci, and Brook had all been there prepping during they day, while I was home doing the wedding cake. When I finally showed up with the cake, they all left to go home and ready themselves. Then people started showing up asking to help and where does this go? and whatnot. I'm the youngest! I'm not supposed to be in charge, I'm supposed to show up and take orders from my sisters: that's my job. Also, I have the uncanny ability to turn every situation into drama, and I'm talking comedy and tragedy all at once. I just love my sisters, Muah! to each of you.
Marce, Jodz, G, Cookie

Monday, August 15, 2011

Evolution of a Wedding Cake

My first wedding cake, so it were. The fact that it didn't fall apart during transport + tasted pretty good + made the bride smile all contributed to a big moment for this amateur hack baker. When my darling 12 year old niece Maddy saw the cake she said "Brook is going to be so proud of Gina for making that." Love her. During the reception my aunt Polly came up to me with fork in hand, cake in mouth, and pointed at the slice on her plate. "You know what you are? A perfectionist!" I laughed out loud. If only to avoid crying. And now I can't decide if she's right or way way wrong. After all of the self-induced stress and nerves and frosting taste-testing I didn't think I would ever eat cake again. And yet. I woke up the next morning and ate wedding cake for breakfast.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happiness is

watching BD blow that blasted plastic vuvuzela like it's his job, and it basically was this weekend at the TofU!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

'Round Here

cake inspiration
 ...the house is too quiet and clean with bd off scouting in the mountains...
...i'm throwing acupuncture into the mix, because what can it hurt?...
...we're getting excited about big sister's wedding bells coming up...
...i've been sweet-dreaming in wedding cakes and cupcakes and whatnot...
...shark week dominates; i can't stand to watch yet can't turn away...
...i'm loving the summer rainstorms and the green hills notsofar away...
...we're desperate for a canyon campfire and some roasted bananas too...
...i'm learning lessons on self-compassion and how i need more...
...the goodness and grace of our father in heaven humbles us daily...