Monday, March 12, 2012

Brazil Video: Travel Flashback

Brazil 2010 from B&G Duncan on Vimeo.

It's starting to feel like a lifetime ago that we went to Brazil, even though technically it was just last winter. BD really really wanted a new underwater camera for Australia so he could "make cool videos ... about the baby, too." Uh-huh. My only condition was that he needed to finish the Brazil video he started over a year ago before he started on any brand new video projects. He got his camera (surprise surprise), and just last night finished his Brazil video. I love it.
P.S. I know I have an eye-rolling problem while on camera. It's entirely annoying. I'm working on it.


abl said...

i still want to be like you two when i grow up (: one of those songs plays in Tucanos all the time, it must be a good one!

gina bina said...

Leash, I want to be like you right now! How did I not know that you had a blog that I could stalk? Duh girl.

C*K*J said...

I am so ridiculously green with envy about this trip. Amazing!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

WOW. That video was worth waiting for! Can't wait for the Australia year some time? ;)