Friday, March 30, 2012

Sailing in the Whitsunday Islands: The End

One afternoon Tom and Brad jury-rigged a harness and hoisted Brad up the mast. BOYS. Brad said it was a little wobbly up there, but managed to get this picture of our group before I gently reminded him that his wife was great with child and would really not like to raise this baby on life-insurance money.

On sailing trips like this, it always amazes me how 7 people can live on a 35' boat together for 7 days and still find time for quite solitude. Somehow you seem to find a quiet place to read, relax, think or nap when you need it. There is something wonderful about being on the water in those quiet moments that refreshes the soul.
During some of the snorkeling expeditions I stayed back on the boat, especially in places that felt "sharky." Turns out, I have shark intuition because they did see sharks in those places! Pregnant girls just don't need that added stress. I love seeing these pictures now: looks like they had a James Bond kind of day :).
The return sail back to the marina is always bitter sweet. For me, I know I'll get land sick within a few hours and be swaying back and forth for days and days. No one really wants the trip to end. Yet, we ran out of ice days ago and even though we've rationed the food perfectly, there is not much left of the scraps that still looks appetizing. Somewhere out there air conditioning and cold drinks are waiting for us. Maybe even ice cream? Yes, definitely ice cream. And a shower.
With kisses and hugs we parted with Glen, Chad, and Diana on Hamo Island. Back in Brisbane, Michael picked us up at the airport and we were eager to tell him all about our sailing adventures. Michael and Georgia were kind enough to open their home to us that night and even prepared an over-the-top Aussie-style BBQ. We gorged. They spoiled us with gifts for little bee. Tom and Todd got squared away with their camper van and made preparations for the next 10 days on the road. We visited and played with Michael's puppy, MC. It was lovely. The following morning Michael and Georgia drove us to the airport. I might have cried a little when we said goodbye, because you see, Australia is a looooong ways away and I don't know when I'll see them next. 
But we know we'll be back. Thanks for tagging along on our adventures in Oz! xoxo


Two Wheeler said...

I just love that first picture and the one of us cruising back in the dinghy with Tom looking at the sunset...amazing.

C*K*J said...

A.M.A.Z I.N.G.
I might have even cried a little reading and knowing this adventure was coming to an end. Thanks for sharing and letting us live vicariously through you guys!!!

Dan+Alli said...

Amazing pictures. Looks like such a magical trip.

sarah said...

Looks like you had an amazing time!