Sunday, March 04, 2012

The day I bought a stroller

This is just a wonderful and silly pregnancy memory that I had written down and don't want to forget. It's funny how such a simple thing, like buying a stroller, can become such a powerful memory. It brings such a smile to my face!
The Day I Bought a Stroller 10/27/2011

On my way out the door to work this morning I noticed my darling friend Kim sent me a text message about a stroller sale. I called her on the way to work to get the details. She used to work at a baby boutique and knows a great deal about baby gear so I pretty much trust everything she has to say. As soon as I got to work I did some research and read all the current reviews. The price was right and I had enough in my baby budget to make the purchase. The stroller was good quality and exactly what we’d need and could be adapted into a double stroller (if we were ever so blessed). 

I pulled the purchase trigger and all of a sudden I was staring blankly at a confirmation email in my inbox saying that my stroller would ship in 2-4 weeks. Whoa. Let that sink in. I just bought a stroller. It was my first major purchase for this baby and my heart was pounding. I just bought a baby stroller!! A stroller. For a baby. What if we actually have this baby and push it around in a stroller? I started to cry. (Not that that’s too difficult to do these days.) Big, wet tears streamed down my face and I prayed no one would walk into my office right then. I’m 10 weeks and 1 day pregnant, my emotional instability is off the charts, my pants are getting a wee bit tight in the waist, and I just bought a baby stroller on a whim. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever loved anything as much as I love this little kumquat inside of me. 
A few weeks later when the stroller arrived the huge box with UPPABABY printed on the side alerted all my hallway neighbors that something was up at the Duncan home. I was still shy and unsure about how to broadcast the news beyond our closest family and friends. Even though I was nearly through my first trimester, part of me wasn't fully convinced that I was actually pregnant. We scheduled some time one evening to put the stroller together. As Brad sliced through the tape on the top of the box I began to cry. He stopped and came over to hold me. We stood there in the middle of the room that would become the nursery while I cried into his chest. It was so silly, to be crying over a stroller, but I couldn't help it.
We take turns taking the stroller for test-drives around the house. Often I'll be standing at the kitchen sink and see Brad wiz by in the living room pushing the stroller around the dining table like an obstacle course. Beep beep! He loves anything with a wheel on it.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

stop it, just stop it! every word out of your mouth makes me love you guys more. i can't stand how excited i am for you!

C*K*J said...

I loved that day! I think babybee is gonna really love her new wheels!! ;)

Lacy said...

I cannot even explain how much I have loved every.single.word of your last couple of posts! I have laughed and cried. You are AMAZING!

Marriott + Ali said...

I'm so jealous of your ability to document lifes moments and experiences....good and bad. You write it in such a cute, candid, oh-so-Gina way and I love reading it.

Good call on the UppaBaby. One of our three strollers (wish we could have found the perfect ONE instead) is an UB and it's by far my fav. The one you got should be fab.

Marc and Lindsay Duncan said...

You know I am not a big cryer and everything you say just makes me bawl like I'm the pregnant one. Love you!!