Friday, August 10, 2012

Date Night / Wicked

BD can be really good at surprises and likes to splurge once in a while. When tickets to Wicked went on pre-sale last fall he jumped and snagged us some stellar seats. I wasn't even pregnant yet, or maybe newly pregnant, because when the tickets arrived in the mail I remember staring at the date and thinking OMG I will have a 6 week old baby, and we will need a babysitter. Flash forward to the week of the show and I was all kinds of nervous to leave my baby for the first time. Isn't it funny how quickly we become attached? There is a first time for everything. We left Bee with Auntie Jen (friend, neighbor, lifesaver) for the evening and knew she was in excellent hands. When we drove away BD was shocked that I wasn't melting down, and kept saying You are doing so good! / You just left your baby for the first time! / I'm so proud of you! Well. By the time we hit Sunnyside Ave I was fighting back tears. BUT. By the time we hit 4th south the tears had stopped. Swedish Fish and Milk Duds at Capitol Theatre helped take the sting away. I love the few minutes right before a performance starts when the lights start to dim, people are shushing, the orchestra is tuning. It's exciting!

The girls behind us thought we were taking a picture of them. It was super funny, but I think you had to be there. It's obvious I don't get out much :)

July 24, 2012
We had a lovely evening together and I was grateful for the alone time with the hubs. Remember him? Ha. I absolutely ADORED the show. Every minute. Every song. Neither of us had seen it before so it was new and fun. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. My old buddy Tom at the parking garage let us park close to the exit so we could have a quick getaway. By all accounts Bee and Jen had a smashing good time together as well. Bee won't stop raving about her Boo Boo Bear antics, which were obviously a big hit. Thank You Aunt Jen!


C*K*J said...

i heart aunt jen.
and wicked.
and you.

Lacy said...

I don't think I left Izzy until she was about 4 months old. Kuddos to you!!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Fun! That first time leaving them is pretty unsettling, isn't it? Nowadays I feel like I've been let out of prison for the first hour, but then I start missing my girls at about the 61 minute mark. :)

Ryan+Michelle+Ellie said...

we still want our rain check on babysitting Pheobes!!