Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A little makeover, if you will

You  may notice that we've been under a little bit of construction over here. My genius and ridiculously good looking brother has been busy sprucing up the place. Thank you Tom! What do you think? My old blog header embarrassingly still said 2011. Doh. I'm still working out a few kinks and being indecisive about that silly sidebar thing. Typical. While this blog is mostly for a small readership of family and friends I appreciate anyone who checks in on us from time to time to say hello. Thanks for reading! I love being able to share little bits of our life story here and having an audience encourages my writing to be better. I'm hoping this new look will inspire me to write even more. My motivation here is simply to make a record of the sweetness and challenges that make each of our lives worth living. The Hive is a nod to our baby girl whom we have lovingly nicknamed Bee. Thank you for being here, really.

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C*K*J said...

It's seriously perfect!