Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Summer Days of Yore

(Photo Credit: 3 yr old Anna Banana who knows how to work a smart phone like a pro)
This week I've been really missing summer morning walks with my lady friends. It's a bit too cold in the mornings to drag these little monkeys out of doors these days. But this summer we carved a rut to the H-Rock deep enough it should still be visible come spring. I'm convinced being outside every morning helped keep any postpartum blues at bay and I soaked up lots of sun and wonderful new mommy advice when I desperately needed it. Plus, even if I didn't accomplish much else other than diapering, feeding, and wiping up puke the rest of the day I still felt like I had done something for myself. Three cheers!


C*K*J said...

AMEN!!! I'm missing it soooo bad... and my pp blues could definitely use it!! :( Love you friend. xo
{ps...hooray for photog Anna. She's a good egg, that one!}

C*K*J said...

ps... I hate standing next to skinny-minny Deedee when I am as big as a house pregnant!!!! ;)

gina bina said...

CKJ--there is a reason I'm standing right in front of my stroller!!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

And I was thinking I wish I had a stroller in front of me to cover my thighs! :) I miss those walks SO much! Not sure what I would do if I didn't have all you girls in my life. Thank goodness for tennis!