Friday, November 30, 2012

Bee's Blueprint: 6 Months

Happy 6 month birthday, Phoebe girl! In our house, it is unanimously believed that this has been the fastest 6 months of our entire lives. I mean, whoa. Where do I even begin? I want to freeze this little lady so I can remember her exactly how she is in this moment. The way she stores golf balls in those cheeks. Her skinny little ankles. The way she smacks her lips and pulls her bottom lip in. Her sour pucker face when she is expressing displeasure. How she squeals and kicks her feet in excitement when I come into the room. And whines when I walk out of sight. The way she smiles with her whole face, whole body. The way she crosses her feet. The way she cuddles into her daddy's neck when she's tired. How her hair sticks straight out and up. Goodness me. She is a sweetheart. Phoebe is now sitting up on her own like a champ. When she's on her tummy she pushes up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth, sometimes lunging forward or scooting backwards. Her tear ducts are still clogged and it seems everywhere we go people ask why she's been crying. Other than the annoyance of having them wiped constantly, it doesn't seem to bother her much. Bee loves any sound you can make with your mouth; kissy noises, whistling, quacking, whatever you can come up with, she will laugh and giggle. It's fun to see her sense of humor emerging!
6 Month Stats:
15 lbs 4 oz (30%)
26.5 inches tall (75%)


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

She's just precious! I love her blue blue eyes.
p.s. Henry had some issues with his tear ducts and after a couple visits to a pediatric chiropractor it cleared up entirely.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I love these blue prints! And that is the sweetest photo yet!!! Love her.