Friday, August 24, 2007

Blog Helps

Just as the rest of my blogger friends, I'm learning as I go here. Many people have asked how I changed my header, fonts etc. Really you just have to play around a lot with your own blog template {be superficially nice, coo at it like a baby, pat it gently on the head, and give it lots of candy} to get to know it on a personal level. That being said, it can still be frustrating at times to make your blog unique. I have found useful help on Blogger Tips and Tricks and Blogger for Dummies. These sites also have other links to additional blog help sites. Just click on the Label you are needing help with, such as Music or Headers and they give you step by step help. Also, Urban Fonts is a great place to download free fonts, and seriously they have gazillions of fonts that you can use for more than just your blog. And just in case you are wondering, gazillions is totally a word.

Happy Blogging! AND......Happy Friday!


Rob, Lacy and Isabel said...

Sorry G, you were probably getting sick of all my questions!!!

GinaRD said...

No No Lacy, I just didn't want to "hog" any blogging resources you may not be aware of. Feel free to keep asking me questions...even though I usually don't know the right answers.