Friday, August 24, 2007

Wish it were my mine...Rehabilitated Dishware

Every so often I come across the brilliant idea of someone else, an idea so simple yet so clever, and I kick myself for not thinking of it first. This is one of those ideas. Rehabilitated Dishware is pure genius! The designer scouts out old plates from thrift stores, applies a new design, and then refinishes them as a set. Hello. And I'm all about sustainability and reusing/recycling stuff. Truth is, I only WISH like little girls always wish for a pony when they blow out their birthday candles that I could be that creative. Do not fret...someday I'm going to come up with an idea that will blow your minds [insert evil laugh here]. However, (sigh) as cool as these plates might be they are indeed ridiculously expensive, which is typically the problem with most things I want.

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Chris, Lisa, Shiloh, Jerry and George said...

I love that idea, why don't you do the same with glasses.