Monday, August 13, 2007


Yes, that's dentist talk for "toothache" or inflammation of the tooth pulp. No matter how nasty or funny it sounds, it's no fun. Gina had a toothache so she made an appointment last Thursday to see the dentist. Well, like most dentists, he was booked out more than a week. She took what she could get. Friday night the tooth hurt a little worse, but nothing unbearable. Saturday evening and night however was a different story. The throbbing started and Gina woke up in the middle of the night crying in pain. Of course that woke me up and we took some of the "orange candy" advil that we had. It didn't do much and needless to say, Gina didn't get much sleep. The worst part is that the next day was Sunday and she had sharing time to do. She managed to get through sharing time but couldn't handle it anymore. We went home and she took some more candy ibuprofen. After church, we talked to Dr. Kyle Curtis, a dentist in our ward. He was so nice that he invited us right over for dinner on the premise that if Gina didn't feel well then that meant that I would be fending for myself for dinner (never a good thing). He knew that and talked up his wife's cooking so I couldn't resist (and it sure was delicious!). We headed over there and he looked at Gina's tooth and decided that she would definitely need a root canal and that we should go straight to an endodontist tomorrow (Monday) morning. He was nice enough to call in a prescription for some heavier duty pain meds and an antibiotic, so that helped take the edge off for Gina a bit. She still didn't get much sleep Sunday night and I couldn't tell if she was loopy from the meds or if she was loopy from the pain, but I had never seen her like that! :-)

Today we headed to the endodontist for the root canal and $1000 later, we were on our way home with Gina and our wallet relieved. She's feeling a little better now and the numbness is wearing off, so here's an action shot taken a few minutes ago:

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The P*dunc's said...

That is way too much dejavu! I REALLY have felt your pain. Thank goodness you are better and thank goodness for pain meds!

Jessie said...

Oh Gina, that is awful! I've never felt the pain personally, but I've worked around enough people coming in to the dentist office, to see that it really has got to be one of the worst pains out there! I'm glad it's over, or at least the worst of it! =)

GinaRD said...

Thanks for your sympathy guys! Seriously, I have never been in that kind of pain before. I told Brad I thought I was dying and he laughed at me, said it was the meds talking. NEVER again!

Wildings said...

Root Canals are awful, I'm sorry! I've had one and never want to have another one ever! I hope you're feeling better!