Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Four: Grand Canyon, North Rim, Thunder River Trail

Day FOUR, we rise, pack up, and eat breakfast at 4 am because we have a long day ahead, back to the rim. We start hiking in the dark with headlamps on. The trail is rigorous and sometimes difficult to find. We reach the western edge of Surprise Valley just in time to greet the sun. We cross Surprise Valley, ascend the Red Wall back to the Esplanade, stopping everywhere that offers even a speck of shade. Crossing the Esplanade I imagine this is what Mars looks and feels like. The 50 switchbacks are approaching, but we stop first for lunch and a cat nap under a huge flat rock. When we reach the 50 switchbacks (yes, FIFTY) I am nearly out of water and food. Todd counts out loud each switchback. I want to die. The last 1/2 mile to the top completely demoralizes me. Finally, we reach the summit and I'm so hot and exhausted and completely depleted of energy that even my eyeballs are sweating. Ok, so maybe that was tears. Justified because I made it! I actually made it.

TNT we can't thank you enough. Thanks for daring to take your princess baby sister backpacking in the Grand Canyon. Although for you it was just another day at the office, for us this was an unforgettable challenge that we won't soon forget.


Lacy said...

You are wonder woman! I love that you did this and you made it! LOVE everything about this post.

Shauna said...

what an adventure! you really made some memories with that trip. That's so awesome

Marriott + Ali said...

I can't believe that you guys pulled this off. wow. Your pictures are amazing!