Friday, August 20, 2010

Day Three: Grand Canyon, North Rim, Thunder River Trail

Day THREE, in the morning I discover a scorpion under my tent. Nice. TNT had begun a science experiment turning the silty river water into crystal clear drinking water. It totally worked and I totally drank it because I'm now hard core like that. We start hiking early in an attempt to beat the heat. However, the heat comes fast. We hike up and up along the river and the views are really quite spectacular. I learn quickly that every living thing in the canyon has a thorn or needle on it. We spot several Desert Big Horn Sheep climbing among the craggy outcroppings. Eventually we crest the Cogswell Butte saddle and descend towards Deer Creek.
Water! The Deer Creek narrows are the highlight of the whole trip. It's nice and cool and practically air conditioned along the creek with plenty of places to relax among the natural pools and waterfalls. After lunch we follow the creek and play in the natural slides and slot canyons. It's beyond awesome. Then we hike down to Deer Creek Falls, which spills over 100 feet into the Colorado River. River rafters stop here daily for lunch and day hiking. Seems a bit unfair that they simply stroll up here in their yuppie motorized rafts like it's a ride at Disneyland. The falls are stunning. I'm now in love with the Grand Canyon. We play as long as we can in the narrows, fix a hearty mac & cheese dinner, and then set up camp nearby in the dark. It's hot and muggy along the swamp of the creek.

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