Friday, May 06, 2011

Color (ish)

Tulips / Temple Square / May 4th
One of the best things about the warmer (ish) weather this week is that I've resumed taking short walks during the work day. It's a whole new world out there! With people! And street tacos! I no longer dread having to walk across the street to the bank or even 3 blocks to the post office. Any excuse is a good excuse to experience spring. And smell the flowers, as they say. This weekend I'm excited to spend a couple days away (ish). Even though we're not going far it feels like a real vacation when someone makes the bed for you. Oh yes, there is a bubble bath in my near future. I can tell BD's having a loooong hard (ish) day at work. I offered to fake an apendicitis to give us both an early out day. He declined my theatrics but I think it made him smile. Worth it.
Mom's 60 (ish) Birthday

Also today ... Happy Birthday MOM! You da bestest momma. I'm certainly glad you squeaked me in as your #6. Now give Zoee some cake.

As always, thanks for reading. Avaniceweekend!


Two Wheeler said...

Lol, "now give Zoee some cake."

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Have a great getaway. xo

-m- said...

where are you going?! lucky ducks...I want someone to make my bed for me.... :) Have fun, you deserve it!! xoxo

C*K*J said...

when bubblebaths are involved and someone else makes the bed, it's definitely a vacation. yippee.

Ginny Green said...

Gina, you are amazing & thanks for having such a fun birthday party for me. Was awesome to have all the family gathered around. Enjoy your getaway! I LOVE YOU MOM