Sunday, May 08, 2011

Here's to a rainy Mother's Day

BD here. We just got home from a relaxing weekend away where there were no alarm clocks. I made sure of that. It was just what we needed. Although, there was that incident with the toilet...

While every day holds something that reminds me of my mom, Mother's Day is a great time to actively remember her on my terms because I don't do it enough in the hustle-bustle of everyday life. Gina and I reminisced about both of our mothers at various times throughout the weekend. Driving down the canyon today I remembered with shock that she's been gone nearly 8 years next month. For Mother's Day 8 Years ago my siblings and I went to Color-Me-Mine and each designed a plate for her, then presented them while she was in the hospital. They are still hanging in my dad's kitchen.

Mom and Grandma in the kitchen - ca. 2001
When I actively remember her, there are some things that I particularly cherish:
  • She had as much influence on me marrying Gina as I did. Seriously.
  • She slept in a hotel one night because we had a fugitive snake loose in the house. (OK, it was probably my brother or me that left the cage door slightly ajar) 
  • She once traded a house.
  • She and my grandma had a wonderfully close relationship; that must be why I love talking with my grandma.
  • She trucked me around the Intermountain West to appease my crazy mountain biking addiction throughout my adolescence.
  • In fact she eagerly supported every whim, interest, or talent that I ever had.
  • She teased me because Gina had a bike before she had "the ring."
  • The wing.
  • Taking walks in the woods on family camping trips.
  • She never forgot anything, especially the important stuff... right down to the hour of the day it happened. 
  • She made everything special with her "touch."
  • She had a heart that didn't fit in her body. 
  • After she was gone we found out hundreds of small acts of kindness that she had done for people that no one in the family knew anything about. 
  • She had to wait nearly 10 years before having her first child (me!) which is now something I know a little about and will forever honor the pain and desire she felt to be a parent. 
  • I love her for not giving up.
The MOST Important Women in my life (Leaving for Brazil - ca. 2001)
Lastly, I vividly remember that she loved Sunday Brunch. Gina and I were luckily able to carry on the legacy of the family Sunday Brunch today and I'm sure we'll continue it far into the years to come with our own family. While I skipped the State Crit championships at Pioneer Park, it was much better to get away and spend some quality time with the Mrs. and without the bike.

"All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother." - Abraham Lincoln

Thanks for letting me indulge here.


Anonymous said...

Brad, great post about your mom. She was such a great person. Remember when I totaled your atv? I felt like an idiot and like crap after doing that, but your mom and dad made me feel like it was no big deal, (even though it was). What a great mom you have! I'm glad to have known her.

-m- said...

Thanks alot for making me teary! :) she sure was great..and I know she is so proud of you guys. love you both

C*K*J said...

BD, I loved reading about your beautiful mom. Although, just by knowing you, I knew that you must have had a pretty incredible mom!!!
We love you guys and are so glad you had a perfect weekend!! xo

Two Wheeler said...

haha Ryan, that put a smile on my face to read that :-) I do remember it and I can still replay the footage of that in my mind. I was just so glad you did not get hurt too bad. We sure had some great times, lol. And, looking back... the atv being totalled certainly wasn't a big deal. Thanks for reminding me of that.

Tuttles said...

Brad, that was an awesome post.

j e s s i e said...

Great post Brad, I loved reading every word!

hels said...

beautiful Brad, thanks for sharing.

Natlee Lloyd said...

love, love, love your mom. she is forever an example and angel in all of our lives!!!

Lacy said...

Thanks for the post Brad! I love the part about the hundreds of small acts of kindness that you guys didn't know about. What an amazing lady.

Marriott + Ali said...

so sweet Brad. I'm sure there's not a day that goes by that you don't think about your amazing mom. I still remember always getting birthday cards from her every year, without fail. what a woman!
and what a great pic of you & the girls. love it.