Monday, May 30, 2011

A long (rainy) weekend

Red roses, purple peonies, white as love
We continue to have a cold, wet spring as evidenced by the skiff of snow on the rooftops this morning. But inclement weather and all, I love a long weekend, rain, shine, or otherwise. Say no to the Sunday night blues. Say yes to sleeping in and sharing the last piece of banana bread for breakfast. Today we remember those who have gone before us, in battle, in sickness, in tragedy, in youth. We remember them all. And miss her too.

The sun did make an appearance on Saturday and BD and I played a bit of tennis and ran a million errands. We made it home just as heavy clouds rolled across the valley. What do to but watch a movie and fall asleep to the sound of rain falling outside open windows. On Sunday we ate salted baked potatoes with BD's family and tart rhubarb pie with mine. We were delighted to met Jody's new fiancé Mark and see the wing. Even though he still uses a hotmail email account the sisters and I decided we can work around that. He's in.


Gwendolyn Fullmer said...

Very sweet picture. I have many found memories of sweet aunt Judy, I think she was actually a cousin but calling her aunt Judy fit best.

Alex said...

Wow... that picture is so moving. It really tells the story.

C*K*J said...

I know I already told you this, but I LOVE this picture!

Elizabeth Madsen said...

I agree, it is a beautiful picture. It captures everything.