Friday, May 13, 2011

I am: trying new things, like tennis

For the record, I am not a highly coordinated or sporty individual. I've proven this to myself time and time again. Flash back to Jr. High during a Jr. Jazz (city basketball league) game where I caught a rebound much to the shock of myself and team mates and in a total anxious panic I threw the ball back up in the air and SCORED A BASKET FOR THE OTHER TEAM. I kid you not. The shame of that moment has been with me for an eternity until recently when I realized that hey! I made a basket! In a basketball game! With people watching! There's a really good possibility that was the only basket I made the entire season and I will cherish those two points forever and ever amen.
Fast forward 15 years and the competitive drive is still very much lacking (except for annual Speed Championships with the family: watch out). And the anxiety of being in front of people is still very much present. I am no stinky cheese because it is clear that coordination does not get better with age. However, the only sports I've ever, and I mean EVER squeaked out a win against BD are racquetball and tennis. So obviously this is something I feel very obligated to pursue so that he is never allowed a leg up. Our marriage depends on it.

{Bethany, Dani, Nerd, Jane, DeeDee, and Kim @ Coach Mike's} Photo courtesy of sweet Jane
This week I started TENNIS LESSONS. Somehow I miraculously convinced 5 other women that this was a good idea, and they started with me. BD had to push me out the door that first night because I was so nervous. But in the end, it was the most fun I've had in a good long while. Once we had been chastised for not having the right shoes or the right equipment Coach Karl initiated us to the court and while observing us giggling and high-fiving each other said "I have a feeling this is going to be 50% tennis and 50% ... something else." That remaining 50% is yet to be determined, but we sure did laugh a lot. Coach Karl should be knighted for his valiant effort spending over an  hour with the 6 of us delinquents. I'm looking forward to spending Thursday evenings with these beautiful ladies out in the sun, out on the court. Here's to trying new things, like tennis.

Congratulations to Bethany who is graduating from Law School today. Huzzah! I'm proud of her to the point of tears. Plus she ends emails with the words like, "Also, I think you're very good looking."

So naturally, I love her.


C*K*J said...

best tennis club ever. i loved every minute of it and i'm counting the hours until next week.

jane said...

I am grinning ear to ear! Truly the most fun I have had in well, a very long time. Can't wait for this week! Thanks for getting us out!

marce said...

I'm putting this out there now, I bet you find your Richman competitive edge before this is all over. I'm a HUGE fan of women bonding over things other than housework & climbing the corporate ladder. Love ya ace!

Marriott + Ali said...

How fun is that!?! Jealous once again G.