Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Holidays: a big long catch up post

The end of 2011 just flew right by, didn't it? We celebrated the merry and bright of the Holidays surrounded with family. It was wonderful to be close to our loved ones this year. BD and I didn't quite make it through all of our 12 Dates of Christmas, but even still we were able to take our Holiday Togetherness to a whole new level. Worth it, I say! Here's a bit of a catch up post, mostly so I can record that these things happened.

Christmas Eve at the Richman Home
This will likely be the last Christmas Eve at the home of my childhood. Sometimes change is good, but sometimes change makes me weepy. This is the home where I crept up the stairs to discover the magic of Santa Claus. This is the home where my Grandmother sat in the rocking chair and recited Luke II from memory every Christmas Eve. This is the home where we have chocolate fondue and listen to Mannheim Steamroller's Silent Night by the twinkle of white Christmas tree lights. This year we admired new tattoos on our very own Marine, read aloud a new Christmas book from Mom, performed our own choral of the bells, had a surprise visit from a long lost brother :), and snuggled on the couch next to the fire.

Christmas Day at the Duncan's
We started our Christmas morning by attending a beautiful music worship service in the Avenue's. We then headed straight to the Duncan's for a yummy brunch. As a family we attended church together and then came home to open presents. Watching Cody and Ellie open gifts was really the highlight of our whole Christmas. They were darling! We gave them each their own Tickle Monster kit. Cody was the first to try it and he giggled sweetly as his dad tickled him, just as we hoped he would. Oh, to hear a child laugh! Ellie was all business about opening presents. She wore a furrowed brow and tore through each present with serious intent. She would sweep it off the table and was ready for the next. We could hardly get her to crack a smile in between. That girl was on a Christmas mission. It was adorable!
Russ & Jana's Wedding
Over the Christmas break BD's little brother was married to his sweetheart Jana. It made for a cRaZy Christmas vacation, but was really the perfect day in the end. BD keeps saying, "I can't believe Rusty is married!" We're entirely happy for these two. They are the perfect compliment to one another. Grandma and Amy came for the wedding and we loved spending time with them. It was wonderful to finally meet Jana's family and share this event all together. The whole day was beautiful. Russ made his own Lego cake topper which totally redeemed my second (and maybe last) feeble attempt at a wedding cake. Dan played his guitar and harmonica and sang at the reception. We ate it up, and love to hear him play. I completely teared up when Russ and Jana waltzed together while her family serenaded them.*sigh*

New Year's Eve
A totally low-key night in my pajamas, and just what we needed. I even took a long nap in the afternoon to ensure I could last until midnight :). Tom and Todd came up and we ordered Indian take out from Bombay House. I'm so happy this baby loves Indian food. Then we played Monopoly! Tom bankrupted us all. No surprise. I've never played Monopoly with Tom when he hasn't bankrupted me. BD whipped up some mocktails which reminded us of yester-years when we loved to host a big New Year's Eve bash. Moving into a new chapter of life, we went to bed that night in the wee hours of the brand new year, each of us with a hand on my growing belly and whispered our love to this baby girl. 2012 really is the year of the baby. Pinch me.

I think we're supposed to be making a "12" here. But clearly, we've had too much to drink ;)


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