Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Twelve dates of Christmas: On our sixth date of Christmas...

...We celebrated Dan's December birthday at Moochie's along with the whole Duncan clan! The man loves his Philly cheese steaks, and you can't blame him, they are pretty darn delicious at this little local sandwich dive. BD's family is growing so quickly, we don't even fit at one table any more. Happy Birthday Dan!

The Birthday boy Dan & his beauty Alli
Everybody else + Jana's sister visiting from Virginia. Something about a wedding coming up ;)
No comment.
These two cousins love to give kisses, but it's impossible to photograph!
After the heartburn had settled, we then ventured over to The Grand America's toy store Jou Jou. It did not disappoint. The littles loved it sure enough, but so did the adults just the same. I was mesmerized at their amazing children's book collection and giddy about the unique toys and stuffed animals. If I'm ever having a bad day, I'll know straight where to head to cheer me up in a flash. The boys got sucked into a handheld game and it kept them occupied for a surprisingly looooong time. I need to tuck one of these into my purse for shopping excursions. That game, plus a little snack, could buy me an extra hour.
Big kids.
BD finally gets a win! Ryan looks on in envy.
I should also mention the gelato from La Bonne Vie, because, um...YUM. Sweet tooth is back!
My favorite moment of the night, watching Ellie and Cody completely enchanted by the display windows. Cody kept looking back at us, like, are you guys seeing this?? Also, can you even handle Ellie's chubby thighs? I simply cannot.

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Michelle+Ellie said...

those little games are definitely a shopping must! ha ha and cody and ellie are so freaking adorable together....