Sunday, December 02, 2012

Thanksgiving in Sunny Arizona

This year BD's family caravanned to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving with Grandma Nona. We took our chances and decided to drive straight through the night with fingers crossed that Bee would sleep the whole way and we wouldn't have to stop for nursing or otherwise. You guys. Arizona is far. Not exactly as far as say, Guatemala, but still it's far. Bee did surprisingly well on the drive down, considering she was strapped in a 5 point harness for 10 hours straight and couldn't roll over. I would be confused and a little ticked too.

We crashed the first day at Uncle Scott and Aunt Patty's in Gilbert and were able to catch up with some friends. On Thanksgiving morning we drove over the river and through the woods, or in our case up the mountain and through the Tonto National Forest, to Grandma's house in Globe to join the rest of BD's family. It's always fun being at Grandma's house which made the drive more than worth it, and honestly, there has never been a more loving and kind grandma in all the world. Grandma's house is full of one-of-a-kind treasures like her collection of garden gnomes and curio cabinets with cowboy bobble heads and the like. Grandma is 82 now, but never seems to age or slow down. We heard stories about family with names like Ditter and Duke and how she shewed a black snake out of her house with nothing but a broom. She taught us the game "Hand and Foot," which she plays with her sisters, and I'll never forget her walking around the table checking our card hands to help us make the right moves. I miss her already!
Jana: Do you guys ever play Ninja? R&M: UM YEAH, we do!
The Duncan gang with Grandma Nona, minus Amy
3 great-grandkids!
We stayed the night in Globe so we could spend more time with Grandma and Amy the next day. We attempted some family pictures in the backyard, which is always hilarious with the two little toddlers and a self timer. I'm excited for Bee to have a little cousin to play with soon! Watching Ellie and Cody together is an absolute riot. Watching Michelle and Ryan bribe Ellie with jelly beans is even better. Cutest parents in the world. We said our goodbyes to Grandma but not before stealing away with some of her beautiful crocheted doilies, fruitcake, and a little treasure just for Phoebe.
The hand holding was most certainly held together with bribes of jelly beans!
Snuggling Gwampa Lee
We eventually made it back to Uncle Scott's house and spent time visiting cousins and Uncle Dan and eating eating eating! We are so thankful that Scott and Patty open their home so generously to us, even sharing their wild Oregon blueberries in yummy pancakes. We are quite the brute squad nowadays and I'm sure little Pandy was happy to get back to life as an only pet in a quiet house. It's definitely tricky traveling with a little one. I spent most of the time worrying about when and how and where I could feed and sleep Phoebe. But in the end it was a wonderful trip and worth all the exhaustion! We have so much to be thankful for indeed, family always being at the tippy top of our list.

And that's a wrap! Whew!

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