Monday, December 31, 2012

Bee's Blueprint: 7 Months

All of a sudden Bee is on the move and just this week has starting crawling. Apparently, she is taking this "promotion" to big sister seriously. She has a surprisingly strong little body and we love to watch her stretch and work and learn to use it. This crawling thing is definitely a game changer and mom and dad are busy baby-proofing the house and waiting to see just what she'll be interested in exploring next. Bee started eating solid foods this month including oatmeal, carrots, squash, spinach, avocado and pears. We think it's hilarious to watch her try new foods and immediately spit them out. Usually the next day she is opening up like a little eager birdie. Sometimes she is stubborn and will only open her mouth if she is holding the spoon herself. Sigh. We've got a very independent little soul in our midst. But that is just what we love the most about her. Bee giggles when daddy throws her up in the air and loves to be tickled and play hiding games. She is having her first love-affair with a Soothe and Glow Seahorse given to her by our neighbor Uncle Richard, and she gets all weak in the knees when she sees it. Too cute. But then again, we think everything she does is cute! We are in constant awe of how much she is absorbing and learning everyday. What a joy!


Lindsay said...

Loooove this pic. She really is the most adorable thing ever!! I am so happy for number two to come along. You guys are the cutest parents in the world.

Elizabeth Madsen said...

Can you believe these girls? She is so perfect! I love your descriptions and how perfectly you capture her in this moment in time.