Sunday, December 30, 2012

Turns out, Christmas is even better with a little one

Just two years ago Brad and I spent a hot sunny Christmas Day by the pool in Brazil. It was an amazing-once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I wouldn't trade for anything. But, even in the warm sun of the tropics we knew that deep within our hearts we would rather be back in cold snowy Utah playing Santa Claus for our imaginary family to be. This year it would seem all our dreams are coming true. Our little miracle baby is finally here, babbling and singing and scooting around the Christmas Tree mesmerized by the twinkling lights. Not to mention our other little miracle on the way. Life is full of surprises. If I had a crystal ball that day on the beach two years ago, I would never have seen this coming. But I'm so happy that this is our life today. Throw some tinsel on me, I'm a Christmas Miracle!

Christmas Eve

This was the first year that my mom and Ed combined families and traditions on Christmas Eve. The partying kicked off early in the evening with Chinese take-out and an elaborate game of bingo. When we arrived there were oh, about 4,000 people crammed into the kitchen, living and dining rooms with someone calling the bingo numbers over a microphone. It was quite a sight! After the unwrapping of presents from mom and Ed we started our traditional Christmas Eve fondue and families started heading out one by one. Eventually it was whittled down to just my family (the diehards!) and we attempted to finish off the night with our favorite family traditions.

Brook read from Luke 2, under the glowing light of Ed's lovely leg lamp, and after 3 attempts we finally had our peaceful "Silent Night" moment by the Christmas tree lights. Although at one point I think I yelled "be quiet and think about Jesus!" That's usually my mom's job, but she was breaking another rule by talking on the phone and receiving her Christmas wish from the favorite child (Tom, obviously). We always tease my mom about her traditions, but when they were threatened to not happen, we all threw a big Christmas tizzy fit until they did :). Thanks mom, for always making Christmas special.
Dancing with Daddy
Christmas Eve diehards, plus KJ looking mighty dapper in that pose
Just like when we were kids, BD and I had a hard time falling asleep on Christmas Eve, knowing that tomorrow would be Bee's first Christmas. Phoebe of course was oblivious to Santa Claus and the holiday in general but absolutely delighted in the Christmas Morning Wrapping! Paper! Extravaganza! and the fact that daddy was around for an extra long weekend.
Bee's First Christmas; a few things we already had, a few things from grandma, and a few things mom couldn't live without.

Christmas Day

At Grandpa Lee's house we opened more Santa presents with cousins Ellie and Cody and had a big yummy Christmas brunch. Grandpa Lee always spoils us and the kids and it's so fun to watch their eyes pop out of their heads. A big highlight for Ellie was a musical ballerina doll, while Cody was content playing with last years Mr. Potato Head. Phoebe scored a doll and bouncer play gym that she loves! Lee surprised his kids with some beautiful pictures of their mom that they had never before seen. It was so sweet and tender (more on that later).

After attempting naps, calling Grandma, and Skyping with Jana and Russ it was eventually time to head over to Marci's house to finish off our Christmas Day festivities. I remember there were cheesy potatoes that rocked my world. I try to stay away from such temptations, but apparently not on Christmas. We exchanged gifts between my siblings and mom. We made some funny videos. Mom did her old cheer-leading dance moves. It was too fun! Bee was so exhausted by the end of the night she finally gave up on us during the always long drawn-out goodbye syndrome we all suffer from.
A happy, successful, Christmasy Christmas indeed! Lots of hectic back and forth between our two families, but it's always worth it in the end. I love having our families close enough to spend holidays with. My heart always aches for those who spend the Holidays alone, whether by choice or not, because I think no one should be alone on Christmas. Someday I hope my home is always open to anyone who wants to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior. And have some fondue, too. xoxo


C*K*J said...

So perfect and it's just going to get better! Just you wait!!

ps... your intro paragraph made me weepy. I love you and your sweet little family of miracles!! xo

C*K*J said...

ps... Luke 2 and the leg lamp: classy!! :)