Sunday, December 30, 2012

More Christmasing

A special dinner in Bethlehem which looked a lot like the Johnson's living room floor; new tradition we hope!
This year Grandma Richman's elf found a home on our new wreath under the mistletoe ;). My cousin in Maryland sent me pictures of their elves from Grandma hiding around their house. It made me so happy!
Lucky me! BD surprised me with The 12 Days of Christmas. I loved being spoiled with something small and fun each day.
Lisa hosted another beautiful (after) Christmas Brunch for us ladies. Liz was here from Vegas. So fun! Move back!
And AJ and Bee were finally able to meet Glenn! These little ladies were born all within a few months of one another. YUM.


Lacy said...

Love all your posts!! Looks like it was a busy Christmas! So I had a dream last night that phoebe was walking. Such an advanced little lady!

C*K*J said...

Definitely a new tradition!! :)