Monday, February 04, 2008

all that i heart - day 4

Today I heart...
Oh cheeseburger, and a side of fries
a small piece of my heart with you lies.
It is indeed embarrasing to admit this
but when i eat you, i feel instant bliss.
Oh cheeseburger, and a side of fries
everyone has their vice, so why can't I?
No ketchup please, just the pink stuff
another reason to not be seen in the buff.
Oh cheeseburger, and a side of fries
my appetite for thee, i do apologize.
I gave in and my strength did leak
so I can't eat for the rest of the week.
Oh cheeseburger, and a side of fries...

Guess what's for dinner?


Two Wheeler said...

I really shouldn't, but I really heart hamburgers too, mmm.

Jessie said...

G, you are SO talented! I LOVE the poem, and that picture is killing me. I just sent Cole to get me some fries... j/k but I wish!

Cole said...

I wish I could eat beef... sadly I usually send her out to get food. Maybe when she is real pregnant I'll do it. She deserves it.

The P*dunc's said...

that looks yummy even this early in the day

Tuttles said...

Great poem!

{lizzyinlove} said...

you are so cute! i heart(ed) cheeseburgers made me miss them.

Rachel said...

LOVE the poem! And that looks SOOOO good! I just ate dinner and that makes me hungry again!

Tiffani Ford said...

I hear on that one!!!!!!