Tuesday, February 05, 2008

all that i heart - day 5

I heart Good News! Often after watching/reading the news I feel as though the Big Bad Wolf has huffed and puffed all the rainbow colored sprinkles off the double scoop ice cream cones of my world. And then let the ice cream melt. Because what a real downer that would be. It's always good, like puppy breath good, to hear/give good news. Here's some of the good news I've heard as of late:

  • little BIL Dan the Man is home today from his mission!
  • I saw this picture and almost fainted.
  • 3 new friend babies in just the past 2 weeks-all healthy, screaming, pooping, cutie pies.
  • plus, like, more babies on the way!
  • Brad guessed the Super Bowl score...dead on. No joke. Won a prize too! We should have been in Vegas last weekend.
  • It snows like every other minute. I kind of like it. And I haven't killed anyone driving in it.
  • My celebrity mom was featured in the Daily Universe.
  • A BFF just bought a house (fingers crossed until closing!).
  • I'm still 25.
  • Reaffirmation that although totally different, as in opposite, our interests eventually collide.
  • I've been inspired to sew something!
So, what good news have you heard lately? Spread the word.


The P*dunc's said...

i love this post, so mant this to be grateful for! 2 years went by fast. tell dan we said hello!

Jessie said...

My good news is that my back isn't as bad as yesterday... I can actually walk today! and, I just had a Dr. apt today, and I'm not measuring big anymore. That is a huge relief to me! =)

Love todays post... What are you sewing?

Wildings said...

My good news... Jeff just told me that for V-day he's taking me to the Alan Jackson concert this Fri!

Tuttles said...

My good news... That I'm not going to the Alan Jackson concert! Just kidding. My good news is that Mason didn't talk in his dinosaur voice today. Well he did but not in a mean way.

gina bina said...

tut, you are such a country hater and there is no room for hating on my blog right now!! I'll convert you if it's the last thing I do...
Yeah for all the good news! You guys are awesome.

Rachel said...

My good news....Kenadie isn't sick anymore, YIPEE!!! (hopefully no other sickee's in this house)

Two Wheeler said...

My good news is I passed my first test of the semester on Monday! Yay!