Wednesday, February 10, 2010

On kindness

Kindness is something I'm constantly working on. Kindness is one of those attributes that I wish came more easily. Sometimes I tend forget about about the other millions of human beings around me and focus solely on the bananas. Like last night at the grocery store I am on a mission for bananas. One single bunch of bananas, that's all, and I will not be distracted by cheese or by Double-Stuffed Oreos positioned strategically on sale right near the check stand. Shame on you for being so delicious. I am fast as lightning, one with my purpose, please put that kid on a leash, avoid possible eye-contact, hopefully I don't know you, no cash back, no I don't need a bag, k thanks bye. My eyes are puffy from tears. It's late. I'm tired. I need a hug. When I reached my car I had the distinct impression that I could have and should have been more kind. Universe: 1, Gina: 0. Granted, I wasn't exactly rude. Now I'm justifying. Maybe someone in that grocery store needed me to smile at them. I'll never know what kind of opportunity I missed because I couldn't see past the bananas. Of all things, bananas.

I need to do better.

Fortunately the world is filled with people who do exude kindness. Lately I've been affected by those seemingly small acts. Which are not so small if you are the benefactor. Fortunate for me, kindness comes naturally to others. Fortunate for me, others are capable of reaching out. Fortunate for me, there are people in my life who love me, who pray for me, who are confident in me. Fortunate for me, people see beyond the bananas. They write kind notes of encouragement, send me texts lined with :) and <3, leave things on my doorstep, and bring me seven layer bars from the Sundance deli. Because they are kind. I almost never deserve it, but I am indeed grateful for these acts of kindness. I'm eternally indebted. thank you.


Mandy said...

You are so cute! Miss you too much.

the farlanderz said...

kindness begins with conan.

Mindi said...

<3 <3

C*K*J said...

As someone who has been the recipient of many of your kindnesses, I'm having a hard time believing that it doesn't come naturally!
Love you!
Happy Friday!!!