Monday, February 15, 2010

So Philly of SLC

President's Day is one of those overlooked national holidays that sneaks up on you on Friday afternoon when your boss asks you why you are still working, it's a long weekend, so go home already young lady. I love you, Mr. Washington and Mr. Lincoln. One really has to take advantage of this particular holiday because there is a dry spell in days off until Memorial Day, 3.5 months away. On brother Dan's recommendation we lunched at Moochies and ordered up a 12 inch Philly cheesesteak, which Dan says is the best he's had out west. He should know since he spent two years tracting in the hoods of Philly and surviving on a diet of water ice and cheesesteak sandwiches. Moochies is a total dive, but the cheesesteak was pretty darn good, I have to admit. A cheesesteak, a really good cheesesteak, is about the only time I'll allow fake yellow cheese anywhere near my plate. It's unexpectedly good in this combination. What's also very unexpected is the accompanying heart burn. Hooey.

Our family holds a soft spot for Philly ever since Dan toured us around his mission area. I loved the street murals that colorfully decorated the buildings all over Philadelphia neighborhoods. They are really beautiful and well done. SLC is the proud new home of this beautiful mural "Ave Maria" (Hail Mary). It gives such needed flava to our downtown and reminds me of the street murals in Philly.
 As for the guns and ammo shop out front...that's all SLC baby.


{lizzythebotanist} said...

please tell me you ordered a slice of their chocolate cake? it's divine. back in my chocolate cake craving days it was the only place with a slice good enough to satisfy me. did you think the sandwich was salty? i feel like they really over-salt.

gina bina said...

No, we skipped the cake. It didn't look all that great wrapped in 5 layers of plastic wrap, but next time I'll know!
And I guess by nature cheesesteak is salty...I don't know if over-salting is avoidable :)

Kami said...

Yum! Kyle loves Philly cheesesteaks!

the farlanderz said...

oh we miss you.