Saturday, October 30, 2010

More New Hampshire, and Maine

The problem with taking so many pictures on vacation is that you feel obligated to document all of them. Plus, I don't know when I'll have the chance to venture back to this place. Even after all the time we've spent hiking in the mountains at home or visiting National Parks, we had never seen a bear. On day two of our trip we just finished picking up fresh eggs when we drove past a little black bear lounging in the grass just off the road. He was s o o o o cute...from a good distance.
One of the highlights of the whole trip for me was to go antiquing with my aunt. Her home is filled with beautiful antiques, each piece of furniture or clock or dish has a story or special significance. We attended the Gary R. Wallace Auction one evening and were perplexed by one portrait up for bid. We weren't able to stay long enough to hear them auction this piece off, but if that's not Joseph Smith then I'm not Mormon (a seventh generation Mormon at that).
We noticed these 3 foot stone walls all over the New England countryside. Most of them have been there since the very first settlers began clearing fields for planting. So they stacked them into fences. I made a mental note that someday when we have a yard, I want a stone fence somewhere on the property. I think they are exceedingly charming. Imagine the snowball fights you could have!
One day we loaded Morse in the car and took a day trip to Maine. Auntie and uncle were the best tour guides and took us to their favorite sites and eating spots all along the way. We ate lobster rolls, whole lobsters, lobster pot pie, clam chowder, fried oysters and on and on and on until we got to the Pie in the Sky Bakery and then we ate gingersnaps the size of my head. Oh. My. Among the sites we saw and places we stopped were Kennebunkport, Walker Point, Cape Porpoise, Cape Neddick, and Nubble Lighthouse. It was too chilly to touch my toes in the water, but it was awesome to see and smell the ocean and feel the spray of waves crashing into the rocks.
Last but not least, here's one last photograph, which I feel embodies all the beauty in all of New Hampshire and the feeling we came home with. I fell head over heels in love with this little white church out in the woods. Wouldn't it be perfectly dreamy to be married there? The answer is heck yes. The Wonalancet Union Chapel was built in 1880 (or thereabouts) and is only open for worship on certain days and holidays so we didn't get to see inside. However we walked all around the property and gave a thorough inspection. It's hard to describe the feeling there with any other word besides peace. It was lovely.


wjcr said...

Love it. :)

Marci said...

Sometimes I refrain from stalking your blog,(as a good sister should), because I know that I will come away believing that you have all the fun! But, I will put my jealousy aside for now & say that I loved reading about your adventure in New Hampshire with Brad, Janene & Rusty & the luckiest dog in the world. The pictures are amazing & your storytelling is captivating. If it is possible, I am filled with equal amounts of love & envy :)