Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Hampshire, dreamy still

This is officially BD's last semester of school before he graduates from his MST program at the U of U. While I can hardly wait for him to be done with school, I'm also (a little) sad to give up student life. Trust me, you can get away with so much using the excuse we're still in school. It helps ease inquiring minds about why we don't have kids, why we're still renting, why we only have one car, why we haven't fully advanced into the grown-up world, and why we can't afford to. Being students solves all those problems. Taking full advantage of BD's last Fall Break we skipped town in celebration of his birthday and our wedding anniversary, both of which fall in fall. I  l o v e October...

Stealing a birthday kiss in the woods, Sandwich, New Hampshire
My auntie and uncle have a second home in New Hampshire and ever since I was a small fry I've dreamed of visiting during autumn. Little did we know we timed this trip perfectly to be there during the 100th anniversary of the Sandwich Fair and the peak leaves weekend. Double whammy of luckiness. The hills were saturated with reds, yellows, and oranges the likes of which I've never seen. Even having grown up surrounded by beautiful mountains filled with changing leaves, it was a different kind of fall in New England.
Piles of harvested pumpkins at the Moulton Farm
I have an eternity of pictures to sort though and my mind is brimming with things to document. A daunting task that I'll have to break into segments in order to do our dreamy little vacation any justice at all. New Hampshire during autumn was everything I had expected, except one-hundred times better. On the way from the airport our first stop was at a family farm loaded down with pumpkins of every size, color, and shape in all directions. Heaven! The general store smelled of spiced baked goods and we left toting apple cider for the drinking and fresh haddock for the eating. I could have turned around and flown right back home completely satisfied. But there was more. So much more. Most importantly I loved the time spent with my auntie (who feels like grandma in all the best ways), and uncle (who is the best tour-guide and lobster expert), and Morse (the luckiest yellow lab in all the world).
Me and aunt Janine, somewhere beautiful in New Hampshire
View from the back porch, not bad...

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