Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Rocks

Last weekend I had the privilege to spend some quality time with my 3 slightly older, considerably wiser sisters. I'm fortunate to have them in such close proximity to me. We are each so different from one another, yet we are surely cut from the same cloth. We itch our nose in the exact same way, and that's the tell tale sign. You might be thinking everybody itches their nose. But not everybody itches their nose like we do. Mom does it. My nieces do it. I even think my brother does it. It's our thing, almost like a secret code that holds all the family secrets. I believe my sisters to be quite miraculous creatures. There's the runner, the baker, the teacher, the giver, the grandma (guess!), the PTA president, the reader, the crafter, the cook, the gardener. But really, they are my foundation. 

Image via Marta
We happened to be in the same area of Park City as Marta's Harvest Boutique and had the chance to stop in for some gift shopping and even meet Marta. She was really darling and we each came away with something fun from her shop. It's always especially refreshing to meet someone in real life when they turn out to be just as sweet and charming in person as they are online. I'm so glad she snapped this picture, because it was the only one of us all together from that weekend.
Guac. A. Mole.
Our other pictures are really only central to food. Which is evidence that we take food very seriously. I kid you not, this guacamole alone was a topic of conversation for, I don't know, at least 25 minutes. Later that night we tried on our new fancy socks and watched a weird movie and stayed up even later to chat about those things that sisters do including the good times and even some bad times of growing up Richman. Thank you sisters, for being in my life.


Mindi said...

i totally laughed when reading this, because we are EXACTLY THE SAME WAY about trips and our food.

my brother-in-law thought i was joking when he first joined the family and heard us planning a trip around the places we were going to eat.

he was WRONG.

beautiful ladies!

C*K*J said...

You guys are all so beautiful! And that guac.a.mole picture is making me really hungry!

Ellen said...

Hi Gina,

You don't know me... but I had to write when I saw your picture on Marta's site. I read her blog too... and I happen to be an old friend of your sister Brook! I went to Orem High with her. Well, actually your brother Tom is my age... and I'm friends on facebook with him... but I was better friends with Brook because we worked together at Virginia Hansen's woodshop back in the day. I'm actually somewhat responsible for introducing Brook to Kyle. And so of course I also know Jody a bit. Anyway, you and your sisters are so cute and I just wanted to say hi to you... and them. Hi! So fun to see you all together. -Ellen (

Marci said...

I wish we had taken more pic's but it was really nice to just let ourselves relax & eat & chat as dear sisters do. I love you Gina.